Learners’ Voices

Aim of the “Learners’ Voices” survey is to describe the use of ICT by USI students. The survey is carried out through a questionnaire submitted to students in ordrer to analyse their familiarity with ICT and the impact of ICT onto their lives and studies. The questionnaire has been designed on the basis of the questionnaire used from JISC for a similar survey, suitably modified and adapted to the context of USI.

The survey, therefore, wants to answer to the following questions: what technologies have really spread among students? What role ICT play in their daily lives and learning practices? How, when and why students choose and use digital technologies for their studies? What is their perception about ICT and eLearning?

Here you can find and download the reports of the surveys conducted thus far:

Learners’ Voices @ USI, 2012
Learners’ Voices @ USI & SUPSI, 2009

Read the paper presented at ED-MEDIA 2010
Read the paper presented at EDEN 2012