Moodle CustHome

Goal of the Moodle CustHome project is to increase the usability of the MyHome page by allowing basic customizations to it. Specifically, users’ MyHome page will be modified through the addition of two functionalities:

  1. The users will have the possibility to order and group the courses they are enrolled in. Users will be allowed to move courses up and down in the list and to group them in categories they can create themselves: e.g., they may decide to group and order courses based on semesters, on academic years, on the academic level courses are taught (Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral), on the role users have in the course, and so on.
  2. Information about new contents or activities. Close to the course title the users will see if there has been any activity in the course since their last login: how many new resources, how many updated resources, how many new messages in the forum, etc.

The Moodle CustHome project is funded by the Switch/AAA Program.

Partners eLab
eLab staff Christian Milani

Riccardo Mazza