COSAMUI – Collaborative Scaffolding with Multiple Choice

In collaboration with the Fernfachhochschule Schweiz, eLab has developed the Moodle tools for COSAMUI (Collaborative Scaffolding with Multiple Choice), an online learning activity that takes up the approaches of adaptive scaffolding, multiple choice, and student collaboration. COSAMUI is a learning setting for tandem-groups based on a combination of argumentation/review and a “check for understanding” with multiple-choice questions (MCQ). The entire setting is being organized with “conditional activities” in the Moodle Learning Management System (version 1.9), so that tasks become available according to student role and the actual phase.

The COSAMUI-process consists of a combination of MCQ’s and review postings. Its essential steps are:

  • Establishing tandem-groups (two students per group)
  • Scheduling learning activities
  • Choosing one of two learning topics (one topic per student)
  • Giving answers to MCQ
  • Reviewing the answers of the tandem partner, commenting on received reviews
  • Solving the final MCQ quiz
  • Monitoring the results
  • Deciding whether to re-take the quiz based on the tandem’s ranking within the class
Partners FFHS
eLab staff Stefano Tardini (project manager)
Christian Milani (IT)
Luca Mazzola (IT)