B4P – Bridges for peace

Bridges for Peace promotes twinning between schools in order to enable Italian students and students of the Holy Land to meet and become friends. Thanks to twinning, students can make new friends and learn about the history, art and culture of their twinned classmates. Moreover, they can discover and establish links between different Countries which are so incisive on the course of contemporary world history.

The project started from a group of teachers, educational and communication professionals. Its aims, goals and methods so interested the Associazione di Terra Santa that it decided to promote the project.

Within the project, eLab has developed a virtual platform – on the base of the Moodle LMS – with the aim of supporting communication and collaboration among students and teachers of the participant schools. The platform houses the “bridges” which have been built by Italian and Holy Land classes. On September 2008, eLab gave two training courses to get teachers used with the platform, one was held in Bethlehem and the other one in Seveso (Italy). Along the time, a number of bridges have been opened, this way allowing students living in very different contexts to meet, and promoting a culture of peace, because “Holy Land does not need walls, but rather bridges!” (John Paul II, 2003).

Partners NewMinE Lab (USI), Associazione di Terra Santa
eLab staff Isabella Rega (owner)
Christian Milani
Silvia De Ascaniis
Website http://pontiperlapace.wordpress.com/