ABIRK – Design and feasibility study for an e-learning platform

Within a project funded by the Regione Liguria (POR Asse 1 – Linea di attività 1.2.2 – Ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale), eLab works with Abirk Italia Srl for consulting and research activities.

Aim of the project is to make a feasibility study and design an innovative eLearning and blended learning platform which could integrate mobile formative activities, virtual reality systems and gestural interfaces.

eLab will deal with:

  • study and design new interaction interfaces for an educational, distrubuted and heterogeneous scenario. Interfaces could be implemented through gestures, virtual realty, smartphones, portable consoles (e.g. PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii, ecc.)
  • Designing and defining some specific techniques for interfacing this devices with an LMS.
Partners Abirk Italia Srl
eLab staff Marco Faré
Stefano Tardini
Christian Milani (IT)