ABC – Apprendere per il bene comune

Through a decision of January 18, 2011, the State Council of Canton Ticino hasdecided to give eLab a mandate for the development of the project for an eLearning / blended learning course for the new employees in the Cantonal Administration. Aim of the project is to implement an online platform that hosts the courses addressed to the new employees in the Cantonal Administration.

The learning path, designed in collaboration with the training center of Canton Ticino (“Centro di formazione e sviluppo” – CEFOS), consists of three courses:

1. “Practical info for the employee”, which presents some useful info about administrative aspects of working for the Cantonal Administration.

2. “The Cantonal Administration”, a sort of compass to orientate in the Cantonal Administration, realized through more than 20 video interviews where the State Chancellor, the Division Coordinators, the Division Directors,  and some Section Heads present the Cantonal Administration.

3. “Culture of the service”, some thoughts about the meaning of working for a Public Administration, developed through the explanation of Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s fresco “The allegory of government” (“Allegoria del buon governo”) by prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, and through some direct experiences told by employees of the Cantonal Administration.

Partners USI, CEFOS
eLab staff Marco Faré (project manager)
Elisabetta Frick

Stefano Tardini

Goran Josic
Mattia Pera
(graphic designer)