Media in Pazza 2018

The third edition of the event Media in piazza. Il bello dei media, senza paura took place on September 27 and 28, 2018, at the Mercato Coperto in Mendrisio. The event is addressed to students and teachers of secondary schools in Ticino, with the aim of making them reflect on a conscious use of media.

The title of this edition was “#maèvero?” (“#butisittrue?”): it was an opportunity to look critically at our relationship with the ocean of information and news the web and social networks offer us. What does it mean to be able to find information on the internet? How to identify fake news and not be trapped in them? How much is a news really worth today? How do information professionals work?

About 300 students from different secondary schools in Ticino participated in the event. Also eLab was present proposing an activity about the concepts of fake news and online word-of-mouth: how do information spread within a specific social network?

Watch the Quotidiano (RSI) report on Media in Piazza 2018, starting from minute 20’07”.