Riccardo Mazza

Riccardo Mazza is graduated in Computer Sciences graduate at the university of Pisa in Italy. In 2004 he received a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano with a dissertation on the visual representation of students’ tracking data in Web-based distance education. Since November 1997, he has been a teaching assistant at the Institute of Communication Technologies of the University of Lugano. Since September 1999 he has also been a researcher and teacher in the Department of Innovative Technologies at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland. He has been involved in several research projects founded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Union. His main research interests focus on Information Visualization, student modeling and external graphical representations in distance education.

e-mail: riccardo.mazza@usi.ch
phone: +41 (0)58 666 4544

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