About us

eLab was founded in 2004 as a common laboratory of USI and SUPSI. Its goal is to improve the quality of teaching at USI through the integration of digital technologies or ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). To achieve this goal, eLab provides USI faculties, departments, institutes, teachers, and collaborators with the necessary infrastructures and services. eLab offers its expertise and skills also to collaborations with other institutions.

eLab intends to help USI teachers and teaching assistants to integrate the ICT in teaching and learning activities in an efficient and valuable way. The attention is put, therefore, on people and on their learning experience, rather than on technologies themselves. The “e” put in front of the word “learning” addresses the fact that technologies should serve education and not the other way round!

eLab is directed by prof. Lorenzo Cantoni and by dr. Stefano Tardini, and has a team of about ten people.

Read the number of the review Ticinoricerca (5/2004) on the eLab foundation (in Italian).