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Turnitin is an anti-plagiarism software that allows to check if a text (or part of it) has been copied from the internet or from another text available in the net. Turnitin is integrated into the iCorsi2 platform.

eLab bought Turnitin licences for all the teachers and teaching assistants of USI and SUPSI; to get a Turnitin account, please follow the instructions in the FAQ section.

iCorsi2 Workshops

eLab provides a series of training workshops for teachers and teaching assistants of USI. The offer includes three self-standing modules. Workshop are principally about the use of iCorsi2 and its tools. Workshops last 1h 30′ and are scheduled following the academic calendar. The participation is free for USI staff.

Basic Workshop
Aims Be able to ask for the set up of a new course on iCorsi2, to organize and manage it, and to make use of the main tools, according to the goals of their teaching.
Contents Management of the own iCorsi2 account, management of a course activities, uploading and linking of documents and other resources (e.g. files, web-sites), students enrolment and unenrolment, overview of other iCorsi2 features, contact with eLab.
Advances Workshop
Aims Be able to extend the functionalities of their online course, particularly by fostering (a) online communication and group activities, (b) evaluation strategy.
Contents Group management, starting a forum and setting up an assignment, quiz, grades management, other tools (Wiki, Choice,…).
Tools Workshop
Aims Be able to use the presented tools to support didactic, be able to manage the back-up and re-store their course, that means to save contents and shift them from a course version to another.
Contents Mindmeister, Turnitin, Prezi, back-up e restore of a course.

Prevenzione del plagio tramite Turnitin

On March 28, 2012, a seminar about “Plagiarism prevention through Turnitin” was held at the P├Ądagogische Hochschule in Zurich.┬á Among the other presenters, Stefano Tardini, managing director of eLab, has presented the experience of eLab with Turnitin and with its integration into Moodle: “The integration of plagiarism prevention into (e-)learning and teaching practices: the experience of eLab in Ticino”.

All the presentations can be accessed or downloaded here.