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eLab is collaborating with webatelier.net and ISI (Istituto di studi italiani) in the design and development of two pilot MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for USI.

  • The first MOOC, “eTourism: Communication Perspectives”, will focus on the topic of online communication in tourism, will be in English and will be launched in Autumn 2015.
  • The second MOOC will be about¬†Dante and the Divine comedy, will be in Italian and will be launched at the beginning of 2016.

Both MOOCs will last 8 weeks and will be hosted on iversity.

eLab staff is in charge of the instructional design and of the video production for both MOOCs.

Partners webatelier.net; Istituto di studi italiani
eLab staff Stefano Tardini, Elisabetta Decarli-Frick, Shondel Bervini
Altri collaboratori
Jingjing Lin, Irina Emelianova
Sito web MOOC eTourism

Videorecording of the webinar on LSP methodology

A webinar on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has been held on August, 28th, 2014 by Elisabetta Frick and Lorenzo Cantoni. During the webinar, an introduction to the LSP methodology has been provided, and its basic assumptions, theoretical foundations, core process and application techniques have been presented.

Furthermore, the two specific LSP applications developed at USI have been presented: URL (User Requirements with Lego) and LLED (LEGO Learning Design Experience).

The videorecording of the webinar is available on the eduhub website, at this URL: https://tube.switch.ch/videos/bd868dcb

The testing phase of the simulator for web designers has started. Watch the trailer!

On February 26, 2014, the test phase of the simulator for the training of interaction skills in the requirements analysis for a website (“Progetta un sito con Manuela” / “Design a website with Manuela”) has started. The students of the course ‚ÄúMultimedia and new media applications‚ÄĚ (USI,¬†Bachelor in Communication sciences), held by prof. Lorenzo Cantoni with the help of dr. Silvia De Ascaniis and Marco Far√©, are currently being trained by the simulator; at the end of the training, the effectiveness of the simulator will be evaluated.

Watch the trailer (in Italian):

USI channel opened on iTunes U

With the start of the academic year 2013-2014, the USI channel on iTunes U has been officially opened and launched.

iTunes U is the section of iTunes dedicated to the Universities (and other educational institutions) from all over the world. In this huge digital campus you will find a multitude of free educational materials. At the moment, on the USI channel, two collections are available: the first cycle of Lecturae Dantis (Inferno), promoted by ISI РIstituto di studi italiani of the Faculty of Communication sciences during the Autumn semester 2012, and the course Ascolto e silenzio (academic year 2012-2013). In the future, other collections will be opened, which will include materials and contents of the othert USI faculties, too.

The USI iTunes U channel can be visited from this URL.

If you need more information on how to access iTunes U, please visit the iTunes U page on this website.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a huge catalog of free educational content. Hundreds of universities and other educational institutions publish on iTunes U lectures, videos, books and other learning resources. With the start of the academic year 2013-2014, the USI channel on iTunes U has officially been opened and launched .

To visualize or subscribe to the USI collections on iTunes U: