Eduhub days 2017

FullSizeRenderOn February 9 and 10, USI hosted the 9th edition of the eduhub days, the annual meeting of the Swiss eLearning community.

The focus of this year was on e-Assessment; about 140 participants coming from all Swiss Higher Education Institutions attended the meeting.

On Thursday morning, J√ľrgen Handke¬†(Philipps-Marburg University, Germany) gave his keynote speech about education in the 21st century, while on Friday morning Geoffrey Crisp¬†(University of New South Wales, Australia) talked about assessment, with and without the support of digital technologies.

The eduhub days 2017 have been enriched by the intervention of several contributions coming from the Swiss eLearning community: 28 ateliers have been proposed, in 21 different slots.

The recordings and the slides presented in the keynote speeches and in the other plenary sessions, as well as the photo gallery and the Twitter pics of the event are available on the web page of the eduhub days 2017: https://www.eduhub.ch/events/eduhub-days/eduhub-days-2017.

Moodle CustHome plug-in released

eLab has released the Moodle CustHome plug-in, that allows users to customize the MyHome page, increasing its usability.

Moodle CustHome is available from Moodle version 2.3 and can be downloaded from this URL: https://github.com/steveorulez/moodle_custhome.

Closing event AAA/Switch program

On Thursday, June 13, the closing event of the AAA/Switch program took place in the beautiful St. Peter’s island (St. Peterinsel). During the event, some projects have been awarded.¬†eLab got one of the most prestigious awards: that for the project with the shortest duration, thanks to the Moodle SMS Gateway project! ūüôā

The pictures of the event can be seen here (AAI authentication required).

Moodle CustHome

Goal of the Moodle CustHome project is to increase the usability of the MyHome page by allowing basic customizations to it. Specifically, users’ MyHome page will be modified through the addition of two functionalities:

  1. The users will have the possibility to order and group the courses they are enrolled in. Users will be allowed to move courses up and down in the list and to group them in categories they can create themselves: e.g., they may decide to group and order courses based on semesters, on academic years, on the academic level courses are taught (Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral), on the role users have in the course, and so on.
  2. Information about new contents or activities. Close to the course title the users will see if there has been any activity in the course since their last login: how many new resources, how many updated resources, how many new messages in the forum, etc.

The Moodle CustHome project is funded by the Switch/AAA Program.

Partners eLab
eLab staff Christian Milani

Riccardo Mazza


SWITCHinteract is a service offered by SWITCH, realized through the application Adobe Connect, which allows teachers of all Higher Education Institutions in Switzerland to create and manage conferences on the web and online lectures.

More information about this service on the dedicated iCorsi2 FAQ section.