New dimension of trainings for small and medium enterprises – Final event of the S-Play project

The final event of the¬†S-Play project¬†will be held from 18 to 20 November, 2014:¬†New dimension of trainings for small and medium enterprises”. The event is addressed to representatives of Small and Medium Enterprises, consultants, trainers and teachers who are interested in innovative training methods.¬†

The event will be hosted in the Center for Tourism and Recreation of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (Poland), and will offer one day of presentations of innovative training methods and two days of workshops about the same methodologies.

The program, the registration form and other useful information are available on the event website: http://conference.s-play.eu/index-en.html

Videorecording of the webinar on LSP methodology

A webinar on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has been held on August, 28th, 2014 by Elisabetta Frick and Lorenzo Cantoni. During the webinar, an introduction to the LSP methodology has been provided, and its basic assumptions, theoretical foundations, core process and application techniques have been presented.

Furthermore, the two specific LSP applications developed at USI have been presented: URL (User Requirements with Lego) and LLED (LEGO Learning Design Experience).

The videorecording of the webinar is available on the eduhub website, at this URL: https://tube.switch.ch/videos/bd868dcb

Eduhub webinar on LSP methodology

A webinar on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY will be held on August, 28th, 2014 by Elisabetta Frick and Lorenzo Cantoni.

The webinar is organized by Eduhub and will take place online through SWITCHInteract, from 11h00 to 12h00.

During the webinar both URL (User Requirements with LEGO) and LLED (LEGO Learning Experience Design) applications will be presented. LLED is an application of LSP under development at eLab and NewMinE Lab, which supports instructional designers in the design of a learning experience (a course, a program, a whole curriculum, etc.), involving all the stakeholders of the project (participatory design, co-design).

Registration is open until August 21th, at the following URL: www.eduhub.ch/conferences-events/eduhub-webinars/lego-serious-play

S-Play team meeting in Riga, Latvia

The fourth meeting of the S-Play project team took place on July 21-22, 2014, in Riga (Latvia). During the meeting, the partners presented the results of their pilot workshops (as for USI, look at: S-Play workshop with hotel managers of Futour.net) and planned the very last phase of the project.

In the following days, July 22 to 25, the S-Play team attended the KIE conference 2014 (International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise) presenting two papers on the Lego Serious Play methodology:

  • Sean McCusker, LEGO, seriously: Thinking through building. Click here to download the publication (in Research papers on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise, chapter 7, pp. 79-93);
  • Elisabetta Frick, Stefano Tardini & Lorenzo Cantoni, Lego Serious Play applications to enhance creativity in participatory design. Click here to download the publication (in Creativity In Business, chapter 15, pp. 200-210).

You can find some pictures of the project meeting, the conference, and the beautiful city of Riga, at the S-Play project’s page on Facebook!

S-Play workshop with hotel managers of Futour.net

As a part of the S-Play project, a Lego Serious Play workshop took place on April 29, 2014, at USI Lugano.

Aim of the workshop was to re-design the professional training program futour.net (Tecnologia, comunicazione, ospitalità e accoglienza per operatori turistici e alberghieri) for its third edition.

The workshop was based on LLED (Lego Learning Experience Design), a specific LSP application for instructional design. 8 participants attended the workshop, including the project manager, the course manager and some hotel managers from Ticino, who attended a previous edition of futour.net.

The workshop has been facilitated by Stefano Tardini with the help of Elisabetta Frick and Mattia Pera.