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iCorsi2 platform has been upgraded

iCorsi2, the eLearning platform of USI and SUPSI, has been upgraded to the new Moodle 2.7 release. Here are the main new features:

  • responsive design (iCorsi2 can be displayed optimally from any kind of device, such as computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones);
  • cleaner graphics (merging of all available settings for a resource/activity in a single menu; new text-editor);
  • advanced conditional activities (each resource/activity can be made available only for a single user, a group of users, or starting from a given date);
  • annotation of PDF assignments (teachers can add comments and annotate PDF assignments directly from the platform).

By the end of the summer, some new videotutorials about these features will be added on the iCorsi2 FAQ section.

New “look & feel” for the iCorsi2 platform

iCorsi2, the eLearning platform of USI and SUPSI, has now a brand new look!

The tweets of eLab, of USI and of SUPSI have been integrated into the homepage, as well as the details of the contact persons for USI and for all the SUPSI departments.

The platform has also been upgraded to a new version of Moodle (2.4). To support the users, in the next weeks the FAQ section will be progressively updated.

Frequently asked question section

In order to answer to the questions and doubts of teachers, teaching assistants and students about the iCorsi2 platform, eLab created a FAQ section where, for every question, people can find a short answer and a video tutorial showing the procedure step by step. In the FAQ section you can find answers to questions like “how can I set the course language?” or “is it possible to upload more than one file at once?



Turnitin is an anti-plagiarism software that allows to check if a text (or part of it) has been copied from the internet or from another text available in the net. Turnitin is integrated into the iCorsi2 platform.

eLab bought Turnitin licences for all the teachers and teaching assistants of USI and SUPSI; to get a Turnitin account, please follow the instructions in the FAQ section.


Prezi is a nice alternative to PowerPoint to make presentations. It basically employs a big canvas where it is possible to zoom in and out on the different elements of the presentation, thus helping to show the overview of the presentation. It is easy to use and very effective.