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Eduhub days 2017

FullSizeRenderOn February 9 and 10, USI hosted the 9th edition of the eduhub days, the annual meeting of the Swiss eLearning community.

The focus of this year was on e-Assessment; about 140 participants coming from all Swiss Higher Education Institutions attended the meeting.

On Thursday morning, J√ľrgen Handke¬†(Philipps-Marburg University, Germany) gave his keynote speech about education in the 21st century, while on Friday morning Geoffrey Crisp¬†(University of New South Wales, Australia) talked about assessment, with and without the support of digital technologies.

The eduhub days 2017 have been enriched by the intervention of several contributions coming from the Swiss eLearning community: 28 ateliers have been proposed, in 21 different slots.

The recordings and the slides presented in the keynote speeches and in the other plenary sessions, as well as the photo gallery and the Twitter pics of the event are available on the web page of the eduhub days 2017: https://www.eduhub.ch/events/eduhub-days/eduhub-days-2017.

eduhub days 2017 are coming soon!

eduhubOn February, 9th and 10th, the eduhub days 2017 will take place in Lugano, on the USI campus. The annual meeting, organized, as every year, by SWITCH, will bring together the Swiss academic community of eLearning.

The main focus of the eduhub days 2017 will be on e-assessment. During the event, new e-assessment scenarios will be showed, current practices of Swiss Higher Education Institutions will be discussed, and experiences with examination formats, like e-portfolios, will be shared.

The keynote speeches will be held by J√ľrgen¬†Handke, from the Philipps-Universit√§t Marburg (Germany), and by¬†Geoffrey Crisp, from the University of New South Wales (Australia).

The members of the Swiss academic community are invited to submit their ideas, projects and suggestions on e-assessment in one of the available formats through the Call for proposal.

Here you can see the program of the event.

4th meeting of the SwissMOOC special interest group

usiOn August 26th, 2015, the 4th meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Swiss MOOCs took place at USI in Lugano. 15 SIG members from different Swiss Higher Education Institutions (USI, UZH, ETH, EPFL, UNIGE, FHNW, UNIBAS, HES-SO, SWITCH) attended the meeting, which focused on the integration of MOOCs into in-campus teaching.

In the morning, Elisabetta Decarli-Frick welcomed the participants and gave a brief introduction to the meeting topic, then the participants in the eMOOCs 2015 Conference shared with the other members their learnings and their impressions. In the afternoon, 3 presentations were given:

  • Structures MOOC at EPFL – Flipping with More than 300 Students on Campus? (Olivier Burdet, EPFL)
  • Digital Vikings or How to Integrate a MOOC into On-Campus Learning (Sandra Schneeberger, UZH)
  • Curricular Integration of MOOCs at the University of Basel (Gudrun Bachmann, UNIBAS)

The next SIG meeting will take place online in December (date to be defined).
More info on the SwissMOOC SIG activities can be found at this page.

Fourth meeting of the SwissMOOC SIG in Lugano

sig_moocThe 4th meeting of the SIG on SwissMOOCs has been postponed to August 26th, 2015. The meeting will take place at USI Lugano and will focus on the integration of MOOCs into in-class teaching.

Despite MOOCs seem to be originally designed as standalone courses, their introduction into the higher education landscape has expanded the possibilities of course design. We will discuss how MOOCs can be integrated into the curriculum, which are the best practices and which issues and challenges have to be considered.

Anyone who wish to contribute to the discussion presenting his/her experience on this topic is kindly invited to contact the SIG leader, Elisabetta Decarli-Frick.

Click here to register for the event.
Twitter hashtag: #SwissMOOC

Webinar on “MOOC Platform Panorama”

On June 11th, 2015, froMOOC_-_Massive_Open_Online_Course_logo.svgm 10h00 to 11h00, Jingjing Lin will hold an online seminar on “MOOC Platform Panorama“.

Jingjing Lin will present the process followed to select the platform to host the first two pilot MOOCs of USI (more info at the project page). In her study, 18 different MOOC providers have been identified and analyzed according to 4 categories of attributes: general info, courses, technology and partnership.

The webinar is organized by Eduhub and will take place online through SWITCHinteract.

Registration is open until May 29, at this page: