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Usability analysis through eye tracking of the website of Canton Ticino

ti.cheLab has received a mandate from the web service of Canton Ticino (Area dei servizi amministrativi e gestione del web, Cancelleria dello Stato, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino) to run a usability analysis of the new website of Canton Ticino: www.ti.ch.

The analysis has been done through an eye-tracking tool, which has monitored the movements of the eyes on the screen, thus allowing a detailed analysis of the paths that visitors follow while navigating in a website.

For the usability analysis a combination of empirical methods, i.e., the observation of the users while navigating in a website, with inspection methods, through which the website has been analyzed and evaluated by an expert, has been adopted. The empirical part has been run through some tests done by the final users of the website (user testing), giving them a series of tasks to perform in the website, and observing their behavior, specifically through the eye-tracking tool. This part has involved 18 users: 11 young users, selected from the students of USI; 4 deaf users (2 young professionals and 2 retired users) associated to the Schweizerischer Gehörlosenbund SGB-FSS; 3 professionals active in different fields (legal, forensic, touristic). The expert inspection has been run in order to analyse some parts of the website, specifically the internal search engine.

The report with the results of the analyis was released at the end of June 2016.

Partners Area dei servizi amministrativi e gestione del web
eLab staff Stefano Tardini, Giorgia Mora, Lorenzo Cantoni, Christian Milani
Altri collaboratori
Camilla Pessina

App for the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites inTicino

The beta version of the mobile app of the two sites in Ticino (Switzerland) that have been declared UNESCO World Heritage is now available on the App Store: the castles of Bellinzona (cultural heritage) and the Monte San Giorgio (natural heritage). The app, available in Italian and German, has been designed by webatelier.net and developed by eLab.

The app can be accessed from the following links:

Welterbe im Tessin (Schweiz) – Beta Version (German version)

Patrimonio Mondiale Ticino (Svizzera) – Versione beta (Italian version)

ABC: la piattaforma eLearning per i nuovi collaboratori dell’Amministrazione Cantonale

A few weeks ago, the eLearning training for the new employees of the Public Administration of Canton Ticino was launched. Currently, there are 3 courses on the ABC (Apprendere per il Bene Comune) platform, namely: Practical information for the employees, Orientation on the Public Administration and Culture of service.

Visit the ABC homepage at: http://cefos.elearninglab.org

La piattaforma eLearning del Ticino è online

The eLearning platform of Canton Ticino is online: http://www.ticino.ch/e-learning.

The Moodle-based platform has been developed by webatelier and by eLab, on a mandate by Ticino Turismo.

This platform aims at helping tour operators to plan their customer’s vacation in Ticino and get acquainted with it.

Mandato del Canton Ticino per formazione eLearning dei nuovi assunti nell’Amministrazione Cantonale

With a decision of 18 January 2011, the Government of Canton Ticino has given a mandate to eLab for the development of a project of an “eLearning / blended learning training for new employees in the Cantonal Administration“. The project aims at creating an eLearning / blended learning course about the organization of the Canton and about the culture of service; the course will be developed in collaboration with the Cantonal Center for training and development (Centro Formazione e Sviluppo – CEFOS).