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BPS (Suisse) ‚Äď New Technologies for training in the bank

The collaboration between eLab and BPS (Suisse) began in january 2008 with the aim of introducing some eLearning activities in the bank’s training activities and this for allowing the bank to reach three main goals:

  1. Increase the flexibility of the training activities, with a contents’ personalisation and an higher flexibility in time and space for the learners.
  2. Provide a tool helping the Human Resources to follow the learners in their training path and to monitor the training activities.
  3. Reduce time and costs due to the displacement, compared to the in-presence training (transport, accomodation, meals, time and teachers).

At this purpose, eLab proposed two complementary technologic solutions: a Learning Management System (Moodle) and the portable Playstation of Sony.

Some courses on various topics were developed on Moodle, including a “finance basics course” (based on the Banking Today course developed by the Associazione Svizzera dei Banchieri), a course on anti-money laundering and another course on the bank’s new products for clients. In addiction to specific contents, some self-assessment exercices and some communication and collaboration tools for learners and tutors were implemented. On the PSP we implemented quick to use contents for reviewing the learned concepts with animations, game-exercices and videos.

Partners BPS (Suisse)
eLab staff Stefano Tardini
Silvia De Ascaniis
Goran Josic (IT)
Additional Resources Presentation eLearning per la formazione in banca: l’esperienza dell’eLab con la BPS (Suisse) (italian)
eLearning in a bank setting: the case of BPS (Suisse), paper presented at the Red-Conference

Progetto BPS (Suisse) presentato alla red-conference

The project in collaboration with BPS (Suisse) aimed at the introduction of eLearning activities in the training program of the bank has been presented on March 9, 2011 at the red-conference, the international conference promoted by¬†NewMinE Lab on “Rethinking education in the knowledge society”.

The paper written by Silvia De Ascaniis, Stefano Tardini and Emanuele Rapetti has been published in the conference proceedings and can be downloaded in the section Papers.

Seminario online sull’eLearning nel contesto bancario

On Thursday, October 21, 2010 from 11:00 to 12:00, Silvia De Ascaniis will give a webinar (i.e., a web seminar) about an experience eLab has been carrying on for 3 years, on the use of digital technologies for bank training. The webinar is organized by eduhub, a platform for experience exchange and collaboration promotion of new learning technologies at Swiss universities. The webinar will go through the different phases of the project, developed by eLab on mandate of Banca Popolare di Sondrio (Suisse), and will then discuss some aspects of the use of ICT for training in rigid professional contexts. The webinar will be held in English; registration is open on the eduhub website.

Un nuovo progetto di formazione per BPS (Suisse)

On January 2008, BPS (Suisse) gave eLab the mandate to introduce eLearning within the training plan of its stagiaire. The project has been successfully carried out along two years and officially closed with a public event, last 11 March, when the Auditorium of USI hosted the “stagiaire day”. Stagiaire presented their analysis and financial plan for some local enterprises, based on services and products of BPS (Suisse).

The collaboration between eLab and BPS (Suisse) is going on with a new training project for consultants. It is about to support and monitor the training of 90-100 people, who work at the front office and have, therefore, direct relation with customers. The key for a quality consultancy is an excellent knowledge of the products offered by the bank; the new training plan focuses right on bank products.

(April 13th, 2010)

“Non-conventional devices in training: using a PSP in a bank setting”

De Ascaniis S., Tardini S., Cantoni L. (2009). Non-conventional devices in training: using a PSP in a bank setting. In Andras Szucs, Alan W. Tait (eds), Innovation in learning communities. What did you invent for tomorrow? (Proceedings of the EDEN 2009 Annual Conference ‚Äď Gdansk, Poland, 10-13 June 2009), EDEN ‚Äď European Distance and E-learning Network. >>> download

(January 13th, 2010)