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New collaboration between eLab and BSI

In January 2013 eLab has started a new collaboration with BSI: eLan will run for BSI an analysis of the main software available on the market for the production of webinars and videotutorials.

More information available on the project page.

BSI – Analysis of software for webinars and videotutorials

Thanks to a mandate by BSI Bank, eLab conduct an analysis of the main software available on the market that allow the production of webinars and videotutorials. The goal of the analysis is to determine which is the appropriate software for the needs of BSI. The most interesting software will be tested in the production of a short dummy videotutorial, while the results of the analysis will be published in a confidential report .

Partners BSI Bank
eLab staff Elisabetta Frick
Stefano Tardini

Intesa Sanpaolo

Thanks to a mandate by Humanage, from Aril 2010 to December 2011 eLab has offered  counseling, training and development activities to the bank Intesa Sanpaolo. eLab’s contribution has covered the following activities:

  1. Counseling on the installation of a Moodle 2.x platform at Intesa Sanpaolo
  2. Training of the personnel of Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione about Moodle
  3. Support and assistance to the personnel of Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione during the launch of training courses about ISVAP
  4. Implementation of new functionalities for Moodle 2.x
Partners Humanage, Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
eLab staff Stefano Tardini (project manager)
Christian Milani
Luca Mazzola

BSI – eLearning to support change management

During 2010, eLab has collaborated with BSI (Banca della Svizzera Italiana) for supporting the staff training on a new software for bank management. It has been decided that, together with face-to-face classes, digital technologies will assist the training of the employees for using the new software. One of the specific eLearning strategies that have been identified to support the training, is the production of video-tutorial to be used in a collaborative learning environment.

Partners BSI
eLab staff Stefano Tardini (owner)
Marco Faré (collaborator)
Gabriele Käser (IT)
Mauro Nidola (IT)

BPS (Suisse) – New Technologies for training in the bank

The collaboration between eLab and BPS (Suisse) began in january 2008 with the aim of introducing some eLearning activities in the bank’s training activities and this for allowing the bank to reach three main goals:

  1. Increase the flexibility of the training activities, with a contents’ personalisation and an higher flexibility in time and space for the learners.
  2. Provide a tool helping the Human Resources to follow the learners in their training path and to monitor the training activities.
  3. Reduce time and costs due to the displacement, compared to the in-presence training (transport, accomodation, meals, time and teachers).

At this purpose, eLab proposed two complementary technologic solutions: a Learning Management System (Moodle) and the portable Playstation of Sony.

Some courses on various topics were developed on Moodle, including a “finance basics course” (based on the Banking Today course developed by the Associazione Svizzera dei Banchieri), a course on anti-money laundering and another course on the bank’s new products for clients. In addiction to specific contents, some self-assessment exercices and some communication and collaboration tools for learners and tutors were implemented. On the PSP we implemented quick to use contents for reviewing the learned concepts with animations, game-exercices and videos.

Partners BPS (Suisse)
eLab staff Stefano Tardini
Silvia De Ascaniis
Goran Josic (IT)
Additional Resources Presentation eLearning per la formazione in banca: l’esperienza dell’eLab con la BPS (Suisse) (italian)
eLearning in a bank setting: the case of BPS (Suisse), paper presented at the Red-Conference