Generation Y, Digital Learners, and other Dangerous Things – Special issue of QWERTY

The special issue of the international journal “QWERTY – Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education” has been published. The issue has been edited by Lorenzo Cantoni and Stefano Tardini, and deals with the topic of so-called Generation Y.

The Table of Content is the following (Vol 5, No 2, 2010):

  1. Generation Y, Digital Learners, and other Dangerous Things, by Lorenzo Cantoni, Stefano Tardini (pp. 11-25)
  2. Deconstructing the Media Use of the Net Generation, by Rolf Schulmeister (pp. 26-60)
  3. Getting over the “generation Y” perspective: observing ICTs in learners’ experiences around the world, by Emanuele Rapetti, Stewart Marshall (pp. 61-88)
  4. Giovani e partecipazione politica: il ruolo del web, by Andrea Cassano, Paola Nicolini (pp. 89-104)

The abstracts of the issue are available on the journal website.