Media in piazza – Follow up

IMAG3445On September 23th and 24th, the event “Media in piazza. Il bello dei media, senza paura” took place in Lugano at LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura). More than 15 associations, active in Ticino in the field of media education, contributed to the event, and 25 classes of middle schools and special middle schools participated in it with over 400 students.

eLab was present with the activity “Giornalista web per un ora (Web journalist for one hour)”, which asked students to use the social media channels of the event to tell what they were learning from it, making them think about how to use social media in an adequate and mindful way.

Results were satisfying: students were enthousiastic, motivated, and committed to contribute to the activity; furthermore, although teenagers have different perceptions of media if compared to adults, they showed to know how to use media with awareness.

The students’ contributions have been published on the social media channels of the event, and can be read