Media in piazza: il bello dei media, senza paura

MIP_locandina_Page_1On September 23th and 24th 2016, the event “Media in piazza. Il bello dei media, senza paura” will take place at the LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura). The event intends to give voice to young people about the topic of media education, i.e., the education to use media with awareness. The event, promoted by several institutions and associations active in the field of media and young people, will offer a series of creative and reflective workshops about the use of digital media.

eLab will take part in the event with a stand called “Giornalista web per un ora (Web journalist for one hour)”, where young people will be accompanied to use social networks with awareness and to reflect on how they are using them in their learning practices.

The program of the event is available on the event’s website (in Italian): Media in piazza: il bello dei media, senza paura.