EMOOCs 2015 Conference in Mons (Belgium)


emoocs2015The 3rd edition of EMOOCs, the European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit, took place in the 2015 European capital of culture, Mons (Belgium), at the Université Catholique de Louvain.

From 18th to 20th May 2015, Stefano Tardini, Elisabetta Decarli-Frick and Jingjing Lin, had the chance to meet and attend the presentations of the main stakeholders involved in the world of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

The conference proceedings can be viewed and downloaded from HERE.

Watch the pictures gallery in the eLab Facebook page.

Videoshooting for USI MOOCs has started


11182127_905160989525714_6681297835482886886_nOn Monday, April 27, the first videoshooting session for USI MOOCs have taken place. In the Caritas studios, in Lugano, Lorenzo Cantoni and Nadya Kalbaska have recorded the first videos of the respective modules for the MOOC on eTourism: Communication perspectives.

In the next weeks, the videos of the other MOOC’s teachers (Silvia De Ascaniis, Elena Marchiori and Emanuele Mele) will be shot as well as the videos for the MOOC on Dante and the Divine comedy.

The album of the videoshooting sessions is available on eLab’s Facebook page.

Fourth meeting of the SwissMOOC SIG in Lugano


The 4th meeting of the SIG on SwissMOOCs will take place on June 12, 2015 at USI Lugano and will focus on the integration of MOOCs into in-class teaching.

Despite MOOCs seem to be originally designed as standalone courses, their introduction into the higher education landscape has expanded the possibilities of course design. We will discuss how MOOCs can be integrated into the curriculum, which are the best practices and which issues and challenges have to be considered.

Anyone who wish to contribute to the discussion presenting his/her experience on this topic is kindly invited to contact the SIG leader, Elisabetta Decarli-Frick.

Click here to register for the event.
Twitter hashtag: #SwissMOOC

Choice of the platform for USI MOOCs


On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, Jingjing Lin, PhD candidate at USI, has presented her work on the choice of a MOOC platform for USI MOOCs during the 3rd meeting of the Special interest group (SIG) on MOOCs in Switzerland, which took place in Zurich at SWITCH. The meeting has been attended by about 20 participants from different Swiss Higher Education institutions.

The focus of the meeting was on MOOC platforms. After the presentations of Jingjing Lin, Martin Ebner (TU Graz, Austria) and Renato Soldenhoff (ZHK), a large slot was dedicated to discussions and sharing of experiences.

The presentations of Jingjing Lin and of the other presenters are available here.

The next SIG SwissMOOC meeting will take place at USI Lugano at the end of May – beginning of June 2015. For additional info, please visit the SIG wepage or directly contact the SIG leader Elisabetta Decarli-Frick.

Pre-registration for the first USI MOOC is open


On March 13th 2015, the pre-registration  for the first MOOC of USI Università della Svizzera italiana has officially been opened.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are online courses open to anybody, which are intended for a large number of students from around the world.

The first USI MOOC, designed and produced by webatelier.net in collaboration with eLab, will be on eTourism: Communication Perspectives, and will be launched in Fall 2015. The pre-registration is not binding, but it allows all interested participants to be notified as soon as the MOOC is available online.

For all details, visit: http://www.elearning4tourism.com/moocs.