Usability analysis through “eye tracking” of the website of Canton Ticino


ti.cheLab has received a mandate from the web service of Canton Ticino (Area dei servizi amministrativi e gestione del web, Cancelleria dello Stato, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino) to run a usability analysis of the new website of Canton Ticino:

The analysis will be done through the use of an eye-tracking tool, which will monitor the movements of the eyes on the screen, thus allowing a detailed analysis of the paths that visitors follow while navigating on a website.

Happy Easter!


pasqua 2016eLab, together with and NewMinE Lab, wishes you all a happy Easter!

Two new eLab projects in the SUC P-2 program “Scientific information: Accessing, processing and saving”


swissuniversityWithin the program CUS¬†P-2 “Scientific information: Accessing, processing and saving”, funded by¬†swissuniversities, eLab has started in the last weeks two new projects:

The former aims at creating¬†a competence center on digital law addressed¬†to teachers, researchers and collaborators of Swiss universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, to help them use new technologies¬†and digital resources in a correct way. The project has been promoted by USI in collaboration with the universities of Geneva, Neuch√Ętel and Basel.

To face growing requests about the use of applications on smartphones and mobile devices, the second project will develop an extension of the Swiss edu-ID authentication system for mobile devices and an application that allows secure third-party authentication on mobile devices through Swiss edu-ID.¬†The project has been promoted by¬†HTW Chur (Hochschule f√ľr Technik und Wirtschaft) in collaboration with USI.

USI MOOC “All’eterno dal tempo. La Commedia di Dante” is now online


mooc_dante_screenshotThe second MOOC of USI, “All’eterno dal tempo. La Commedia di Dante” (in Italian), has been published online today, Monday, March 21.

The course, free and open to everybody, will be available online for one year, until March 20, 2017. The eight chapters of the course will be released one per week in the first eight weeks of the course; the first chapter is online from today, the second one will be published on Monday, March 28, the third one on April 4, and so on.

It is possible, for those who are interested, to take an exam, and, in case it is passed, to get a certificate of accomplishment.

Enrolment in the MOOC will be open until March 2017, from the following URL:

“All’eterno dal tempo. La Commedia di Dante”: enrolment for the 2nd USI MOOC is open


The enrolment for the second pilot MOOC of USI, developed by eLab in collaboration with the Istituto di studi italiani (ISI), is now open.

The MOOC, titled “All‚Äôeterno dal tempo.¬†La¬†Commedia di Dante”¬†is in Italian, and¬†boasts of the participation of some of the¬†most important¬†contemporary experts in Italian literature: Stefano Prandi, scientific responsible of the project,¬†Carlo Ossola, director of ISI, Piero Boitani, Corrado Bologna, Mira Mocan,¬†and¬†Lino Pertile.

The MOOC will be hosted on the iversity platform from end of March, and will remain available online for one year.

More info and free enrolment at this URL:
Watch the trailer on Youtube!